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We are a values-based business

Our brand values underpin everything we do.

Our responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our local communities is shared by every employee in our organization through our Code of Conduct.

Customers deserve total commitment

We value quality highly, and we’ve built a strong reputation for it. We use an industry specific quality program to give you the opportunity to tell us how we’re doing.

In addition to values, we also have rules. Safety is our first concern and everyone makes it a priority across our global operations.

All Crown Worldwide operations adhere to our binding corporate rules of data privacy and data protection.

Being a global company means embracing the world

As an equal opportunities employer we promote international and local market hiring to achieve a rich diversity across our organization.

We encourage all new staff to represent and promote our core values both internally and to the outside world.

A healthy work-life balance is equally important. We actively promote measures to make sure employees and their families maintain equilibrium in their lives.

We want to grow, but only if everyone wins

We know exactly how much our business impacts the environment. Our ISO 14001 accreditation means we measure how efficiently we’re using natural resources. We invest in energy-saving buildings and vehicles, plus we educate our supply chain - we’re working hard to reduce our impact and give our clients a cleaner option.

A big effort to have positive impact in society

Crown Worldwide teams work with local schools, health initiatives and charities, to make each of our cities stronger as we grow.

Together, we’ve built schools and libraries to support local and disadvantaged youth. We also partner to provide HIV and AIDS peer education. And through a university internship program, we give international experience to new graduates.

Crown Worldwide’s people are most central to this effort by finding innovative ways to support local issues. Giving everyone time and incentives for activities and business practices that create this shared value, we’re all helping to improve things for others.

And we invite our customers and service partners to join in.

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