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Crown invests in the relationship

In the rarified worlds of fashion, cosmetics and plush hotels, clients’ expectations are extremely high – their customers expect top quality, so they insist upon it all the way up the supply chain.

Crown’s business is carefully tailored to support the ‘quality first’ client and it has acquired an intimate understanding of their needs. The most important aspect is that there is no single solution. Instead of applying a template approach, in most cases, Crown is able to orientate its business around its clients, integrating systems and understanding their workflows, to deliver a truly customized service.

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Operations built around your needs

Crown operates through the Greater China area supporting retailers and wholesalers of high-end fashion, accessories, cosmetics and health products, as well as managing FF&E and OS&E for hotel groups. We operate numerous distribution centers throughout the region each one built around the needs of clients that expect the highest standards of service.

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Expertise in logistics, excellence in delivery

Crown is rightly proud of its record for accuracy and timely delivery, the result of continuous investment in the business, its high quality people, and carefully designed systems. Crown Logistics’ people are leaders in the field of third party logistics services, each bringing experience and insight to help clients maintain their distinction and brand value throughout the Greater China region.

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