Simplifying the complexity of providing the best guest experience

Crown Logistics is proud to work with the hotels industry, offering services that help accommodate guests and make them feel at home. 

Through storage and inventory management, distribution, installation and placement – all underpinned by quality service and IT provision, we partner with hotels to cater to their logistical needs, so that they can cater for their visitors. 

Warehouse and inventory management

We design our system to fully cater to your needs. You will benefit from our dedicated warehouse management, giving you the assurance that your fixtures, fittings and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) are securely stored and delivered when needed.  

Our facilities offer a first-class temperature and humidity-controlled environment, with 24-hour CCTV.  

Our customized inventory flow establishes a system that fulfils your hotel’s specific requirements. Key features include:

  • Goods reception with inspection
  • Sorting and addressing
  • Pick and pack management
  • Color code system
  • Packaging and consolidating
  • Cycle counting and stock taking
  • Reporting

Dismantling, installation and placement

Removal and reinstallation solutions that make a difference

Trust Crown to expertly dismantle and install FF&E, OS&E and artwork. Our comprehensive artwork solutions range from warehouse to hotel and mock-up to completion. Should you require it, we can place the FF&E, OS&E and artwork directly in the positions you have assigned at the hotel’s location. 

On-site protection on doors and floors is well prepared before any dismantlement, installation or placement. We have what it takes to ensure all such work is done in an efficient and timely manner, and thus ready for hand-off to management at the job’s conclusion by Crown’s experienced engineers. 

Integrated distribution management

Integrated transportation and handling to the highest standard.

To ensure efficient delivery, Crown Logistics coordinates the entire transportation process beginning with arrangements for specific packing requirements to on-time delivery. In addition, we design transportation models, assist with freight budgeting and execute operational plans.

Services include:
  • Regional distribution
  • Local transportation management and real-time monitoring
  • Reverse logistics
  • Shipment formalities

Hotel amenities

We offer a complete amenities procurement lifecycle. Crown Logistics specializes in supplying amenities to international hotel operators from leading manufacturers, fully leveraging its efficient warehouse management system. From cosmetics to tableware, textiles and disposable items, we are always available to ensure ready access to whatever your hotel might need.

Enjoy customized logistics solutions with guaranteed cost savings; from regular stock replenishment to comprehensive worldwide supply chain coordination and distribution. This is all achieved via our global network of distribution centers to provide on-demand availability, and reliable planning and forecasting.

Information technology system

Warehouse management system

Our warehouse management system is an integrated package of services to ensure accurate stock movement and simple access to real-time reporting. This keeps you fully informed about the availability of inventory.

Key features:
  • Item master update
  • PO management
  • Inventory enquiry
  • Pick and pack management
  • Outbound release records
  • Punch list
  • General reporting
  • Web-based communication

Scanning system

Product scanning identifies and verifies goods on the way in. The system is fully integrated with our warehouse management systems to increase operational speed and accuracy.