Inventory Management

Retain complete control of every stock movement through the warehouse with our detailed inventory management 

Receiving, addressing, picking, packaging 

From the minute your goods enter the warehouse they are part of a minutely designed and detailed system, tracking every movement from arrival to final delivery – providing transparency and maximum efficiency.  

A bespoke warehouse management IT system encompasses batch control, FIFO/FEFO functions, and pick and pack procedures. Updated in real time, the system offers general reporting functions, with web-based systems integration and wireless communication.  
The warehouse management system has three important systems for checking, picking and packing the correct inventory to meet orders: 

  • A handheld scanning system to identify and verify product units: Integrated with the warehouse management system, it has an alarm function to prevent errors. It is web-based and updates the system in real time.  
  • A light-indicating digital allocation system: This is particularly suited to bulk picking and point-of-sale allocation requirements. It features an electronic panel representing an individual point-of-sale and an accompanying LED readout displays its allocation quantity.  
  • A pick-by-voice system: This system is for individual point of sale picking. Warehouse operators wear headsets and are guided to shelf locations. Voice confirmation from the operator confirms correct handling using a combination of location code, product code, and expiry date. 

Consolidating and reporting 

Crown Logistics offers up-to-date, full visibility of stock and inventory movements via our web-based management system, enabling everyone to keep a track of where stock is at all times. 

Detailed reporting is an essential component of any supply chain system, but especially when cost-control is front of mind. 

Additional services for inventory management include quality checking, bar coding, labeling, and price tagging.