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Feeding China’s passion for fashion

This is no off-the-rail relationship – high fashion garments and accessories are about as personal as you can get. And that’s the essence of the service provided by Crown Logistics.

Being dedicated to serving the world’s most prestigious brands is a brave strategy – the standards and the stakes are higher than in any other field.

To achieve the degree of accuracy, efficiency and complete delivery that mid to up-market global brands require makes extra demands of the supporting team.

The success of the system – and also of Crown’s broader commitment to quality – is evidenced in the key performance indicators (2017) with order completeness at 100%, picking accuracy at 99.997% and handling capacity of over 14 million pieces in over 13,000 trips, and with a record of close to 66,000 pieces on the busiest day. 

Outsourcing complete supply chain management, from warehouse design and fit-out, to operations and distribution, everyone is committed to delivering a quality service. 

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