Care and precision in cosmetics and health supplements

What first attracts clients to our service is probably the combination of our knowledge and access to the Greater China market – but what sustains the relationship is our commitment to delivery.

Crown’s clients in cosmetics and health supplements are an exacting group. The fast moving luxury goods category demands accuracy – particularly in profit-critical inventory management areas such as FIFO/FEFO/batch control. 

It is the sophistication of the Crown Logistics warehouse management system that underpins the achievements of the business. The complete IT system is tailored to support world-class service in inventory management, distribution management and value-added services.

The success of the system – and also of Crown’s broader commitment to quality – is evidenced in the key performance indicators (2017) with order completeness at 100%, picking accuracy at 99.989% and handling capacity of over 60.2 million pieces in over 48,000 trips, and with a record of close to 259,000 pieces on the busiest day. 

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