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The city’s new cross-border high-speed rail link is expected to be opened in September. The estimated travel time between West Kowloon and Guangzhou is around 48 minutes. This new high speed rail link – Vibrant Express, will connect Hong Kong with 14 major cities in Mainland China. 

Crown Logistics is pleased to announce that it has extended its contract with one of the world’s leading travel retailers, who will be operating the duty-free stores in high speed railway station in Hong Kong. This is a significant contract extension for Crown as part of its strategy to expand to travel retail sector and different market segments. 

crown provides warehouse space for Dufry

Crown will provide additional warehouse space to meet the needs of the world-class store development in the Station. Commenting on this contract extension, Analdo Li, Crown Logistics Regional General Manager said: “It is a tremendous opportunity for Crown to showcase our capabilities in the travel retail market. We are so excited to working closely with our client to support their growing business in Asia.” 

With the explosion in the number of Chinese tourists in Hong Kong, global travel retailers are making profitable operation in their duty-free outlets in Hong Kong. We look forward to partnering with our client to offer shoppers a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.