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To build on our long years of expertise in handling the 3PL ‘Fashion & Cosmetics’ segment, Crown Logistics has, in the recent years, expanded the service scope to cover ‘Travel Retail’.

Crown Logistics today occupies half of the total market share in the travel retail sector covering cosmetics and fashion operated inside The Hong Kong International Airport.

travel retail sector

2014 marked the milestone for Crown Logistics in handling the travel retail business to provide 7,600 square feet warehousing space.

In 2016, Crown Logistics was awarded another travel retail contract as an Asia distribution hub. Services provided include inventory management, distribution service, as well as other value added services.

In the third quarter of 2017, Crown Logistics was awarded a contract to store and manage some 150 fashion and cosmetics brands. With the high level 24-hour security-controlled warehouse, Crown received the ‘Sealed vehicle license’ from AVESCO (Aviation Security Company Limited). With this license, the Crown trucks can enter directly into the apron of HKIA without X-ray inspection for efficient delivery.

Sealed vehicle license from AVESCO

These achievements provide positive momentum to continue Crown expansion into the travel retail sector.